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The Group’s Deputy President Li Yousheng Met with Jingjiang Party Committee Sectary Ni Bin al.

The Group’s Headquarter     2016-04-22         

On April 21st, the Group’s deputy President Li Yousheng met with the visiting group led by the standing committee member of Taizhou municipal Party committee of Jiangsu province, Jingjiang Party committee secretary Ni Bin and communicated over mutual cooperation. Jingjiang municipal deputy Party secretary, Jingjiang Economic Development Zone Standing Committee of Party Committee deputy director Sun Hongjian, Jingjiang deputy mayor Shen Nansong, China Logistics Co. Ltd. GM Li Xiangyang, deputy GM Sun Bohui, and the Group’s Strategic Development Center director Tang Jianzhou attended the meeting. 

Li Yousheng introduced the Group’s history, main businesses and the pilot reform of Chengtong as newly designated company of state-owned capital operation. He said the Group accumulated rich experience over the past ten years on state-owned assets operation and would continue undertaking significant tasks of central enterprise deployment adjustment and strategic reorganization, playing even more important role to serve the national strategy. As one of the central cities located in the Yangtze River Delta area, Taizhou’s economic development presents a high rank. With excellent investment environments in Jingjiang, both sides have great potentials of cooperation in a multiple of fields and Li hoped to strengthen mutual communication and promote local economy together.

Ni Bin introduced economic development, industrial structure and transport conditions of Jingjiang. He said Jingjiang had a long reputation for its talented people, education tradition and beautiful environments and enjoyed the nickname of “Small South in Mid-Jiangsu province”. Along with the fast development in recent years, industries of vehicles, boats, machines and electricity power jeopardized. Jingjiang plans to make greater efforts on enlarging investment to upgrade its industries, build up industrial parks, and develop capital markets, and hopes to join hands with China Chengtong for co-development.

Li Xiangyang introduced the main businesses, business modes, capital distribution, development strategy and system reform of China Logistics, and made a stress on introduction to the industrial distribution in the Yangtze River area and the two major tasks of the company to respond to the Group’s “new energy vehicles” and “go-out” strategy. He stated that China Logistics is the main component of the Group’s logistics business and provides an entire chain of logistics and delivery services. Taizhou and Jingzhou have great advantages in location and transportation and with highly integrated development strategies expect to agree on cooperation and promote to carry out the cooperation together with the Group.

Pertinent people from Jingjiang Inspection Office, Jingjiang Economic and Technology Development Bureau and Office were among the visitors and relevant staff from the Group’s Headquarter Office attended the meeting.

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