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The Group’s Chairman Ma Zhengwu Attended CIEP

The Group’s Headquarter     2016-04-18         

On April 16th, the 14th Conference on International Exchange of Professionals was held at the International Exhibition Center in Shenzhen. The Group’s president Ma Zhengwu accompanied SASAC’s deputy director Wang Wenbin to attend the CIEP SASAC-Central Enterprise Zone Opening Ceremony. This is the fourth time that SASAC led central enterprises to participate in the CIEP. Chengtong Human Resources Co. Ltd. carried out the organization of the SASAC-Central Enterprise Zone activities hosted by SASAC, centering the theme of “Build up Talent Team, Accumulate Industrial Wisdom, Promote Industrial Upgrade, and Foster World’s Top Enterprises” and focusing on internationalization of central enterprises and introduction of talents from overseas.

SASAC Foreign Affairs Bureau joined hands with 18 central enterprises including CEC, China Chengtong, China Transportation and Construction to provide over 300 medium and high positions to the world. Chengtong Human Resources and Western Returned Scholars Association co-established a returnee talent website, providing online support for recruitment of overseas students. The recruiting activities applied the multiple-channel cloud video technology to realize real-time interaction with students from 13 countries and 20 regions, and became one of the greatest attractions ons the conference.

At 9:30 on the 16th, Minister of Human Resources and Social Security Yin Weimin visited the SASAC-Central Enterprise Zone, accompanied by State Council SASAC’s deputy director Wang Wenbin, Director of the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, deputy Minister of Human Resources and Social Security Zhang Jianguo, and Shenzhen mayor Xu Qin. Ma Zhengwu introduced the International Interactive Recruitment Affair of the central enterprises. Minister Yin greeted in front of some 500 overseas students from the U.S., Canada, Australia, and Japan via the cloud video technology. Association of Chinese Students and Scholars at Yale University raised the first questions on returnee students’ employment. Yin Weimin stated that the government had always been attached great importance to overseas talents and had been fully supporting and welcoming overseas students to return to the motherland and pursue their careers or create their own businesses. Hs spoke highly of Chengtong Human Resources when he got to know that Chengtong Human Resources not only provided positons on the conference to promote overseas student recruitment but also established the returnee talent website with Western Returned Scholars Association, which is dedicated to launching the service platform and channel for overseas students to create their own businesses. He said Chengtong as central enterprise made a true effort to connect and receive overseas students in order to meet the demands of internationalization of human resources among central enterprises.

Wang Wenbin highly approved of the application of cloud video technology and internet+ in the SASAC-Central Enterprise Zone and encouraged greater effort to be put in the realization of innovative service methods and capability enhancement to provide precise services on the returnee talent website as it did this time on the conference.

The Group’s chairman Ma Zhengwu also highly approved of the organization work undertaken by Chengtong Human Resources and its innovative working methods. With the bridge of internet, this method meets not only the demands of central enterprises for talents but also provides a joint point for overseas talents to return to their motherland. He hoped Chengtong Human Resources could step up onto an even more intensified and expanded floor of service based on this attempt.

The interactivity with central enterprises attracted active responses and participations from Chinese student associations all over the world. By 15:00 on the 17th, over 200 overseas students introduced themselves and applied for a face-to-face video interview opportunity and interactive participants surpassed 1,000. Over 2,000 resume were received and clicking rate was over 10,000. The interactivity was carried out in a sincere, warm and touching atmosphere. Central enterprise HRs became the busiest attendees, who not only interviewed applicants via video-calls, but also received students and their resumes on site.

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