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The Group’s Leaders Met with Leaders of Xicheng District, Beijing

The Group’s Headquarter     2016-03-01         

Feb. 26, the Group’s chairman Ma Zhengwu and president Zhu Bixin visited Party sectary Lu Yingchuan and deputy Party secretary Wang Shaofeng of Beijing Xicheng district to intensify mutual communication and discuss on co-development. Xicheng district standing member Sun Shuo, vice magistrate Wu Xiangyang, the Group’s general accountant Xu Zhen, vice president Li Yousheng and Tong Laiming attended the meeting.

Ma expressed gratitude towards Xicheng district government for its constant concerns for and support to China Chengtong. He introduced the Group’s histories and development, as well as its unique advantages, values, status and functions as SASAC’s significant capital operation platform to serve the central enterprise industrial restructuring and strategic reorganization. He focused the communication with major leaders of Xicheng district on the Group’s financial role, strategic shift to capital management, profit model and business operation mode as SASAC capital operation corporation. Ma said that the Group had a long history with Xicheng district and hoped to broaden and intensify multiple levels of cooperation with Xicheng district.

Zhu Bixin said Xicheng district identified its new development orientation and strict entry conditions in its industrial upgrading as the core district of the capital city. He hoped China Chengtong could rely on the function and advantages of the district in its development as SASAC’s pilot capital operation corporation and at the same time make new contributions to the economic development of Xicheng district.

Lu Yingchuan thanked China Chengtong leader’s trusts and concerns for the district. Xicheng district is on a critical condition of upgrading and development. Over the past few years, set up to meet the demands of the capital’s core functional area, Xicheng district actively dispersed non-capital functions and restructured to develop high-grade, high-precision and advanced industries in its upgrading for the strong and excellent. He suggested establishing a docking mechanism, in which Financial Office of the magistrate government took the lead to follow up China Chentong’s work rhythms and offer excellent services on Xicheng’s part. Lu Yingchuan believed that based on mutual trust and sincerity, the intensified cooperation between the two sides would definitely turn a new page and make contributions to strategic adjustment of state-owned economy and intensify SOE reform.

Wang Shaofeng said China Chengtong had always been making devotions to Xicheng’s development and had established profound friendship with Xicheng district with all the happy cooperation. He hoped to reinforce cooperation in activating stock capital, improving the city’s outlook, mutual cadre exchanging, and engaging in stock share investment and to promote win-win development combining SASAC SOE reform, as well as the demands of core capital construction and dispersing non-capital functions.

 Leaders from Xicheng SASAC, NDRC, Financial Office, as well as persons in charge from the Group’s Headquarter Office and Development Center were present during the meeting.

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