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President Zhu Bixin Visited China Chengtong Oriental Asset Corporation for Investigation

The Group’s Headquarter     2016-02-25         

On Feb. 18th, companied by Chengtong Oriental Corporation GM Guan Wu, the Group’s president Zhu Bixin visited China Chengtong Oriental Asset Corporation for investigation.

In Chengtong Oriental Corporation’s Off-office Service Center located at Weihai Road, Zhu Bixin inquired on the Party’s construction and veteran cadres’ management before visiting the veteran cadres’ activity zones. Zhu fully approved of Chengtong Oriental Corporation’s veteran cadre management and made requirements to further increase concerns for veteran cadres, scrupulously take care of veteran cadre’s Party construction, continue building up veteran cadre working team and serve well and whole-heartedly.

Zhu Bixin visited the cadres and staff at the headquarter of Chengtong Oriental Corporation, inspected offices and living service zones, and communicated with the staff at the headquarter. Zhu listened to GM Guan Wu’s report on the corporation’s history, operation and future plans. He said that Chengtong Oriental Corporation accumulated experience and built up its team in many years’ assets operation work and formed a whole set of working mode and procedure with unique advantages. Zhu required that during the Group’s shift to state-owned capital operation corporation, Chengtong Oriental Corporation should further keep up the spirits, free the thoughts, constantly strengthen its own capability and cadre construction, take care of its staff, and truly enhance the capability of its staff and that of the assets operation in order to make new contributions to the Group’s reform and development under the background of SASAC’s SOE reform. 

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