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Chairman Ma Attended the 1st East Russia Economy Forum

The Group’s Headquarter     2015-09-07         

On Sept. 5th, Chairman Ma Zhengwu was on invitation to attend the 1st East Russia Economy Forum in Vladivostok and delivered a speech entitled “Dig Out Potential Advantages and Enlarge Cooperation Scale: Several Suggestions to Promote the China-Russia Pragmatic Cooperation” on the Roundtable Conference of China and Russia’s Industrial Circles.

Chairman Ma said that China Chengtong managed to conquer lots of difficulty in the past ten more years’ investment in Russia and persisted in doing so. With efforts made in the past five years, the Greenwood International Trade Center had attracted over 300 well-known enterprises and the annual procurement trade surpasses 500 million US dollars. The Greenwood Center had become the model demonstration and significant platform for trade between China and Russia. In line with the probe and practice in the investment in Russia, Chairman Ma raised four suggestions to promote pragmatic trade cooperation between China and Russia. Industrial circles of both China and Russia shall capture the excellent opportunity of “the butt joint between China’s Silk Road Economy Construction and Russia’s European-Asian Economy Alliance Construction”, land the butt joint, give play to super enterprises’ functions, accelerate the infrastructure construction of ports and effectively strengthen financial cooperation to support trade development.

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