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Chairman Ma Zhengwu Attended the 2nd China (Lianyungang) Silk Road International Logistics Exhibition

The Group’s Headquarter     2015-09-29         

On Sept. 22nd, the 2nd China (Lianyungang) Silk Road International Logistics Exhibition (“Exhibition”below) was open in Lianyungang Industrial Exhibition Center with the theme of “Co-construct Lianyungang Sea Departure Wharf Base, Prosper New Land-Bridge Economic Belt”. Chairman Ma was on invitation to visit the Exhibition and made a speech entitled “Government Guidance, Enterprise Operation, Cooperation for Win-Win: Capture the One Belt, One Road Opportunity” on the “One Belt, One Road” International Logistics Cooperation and Development Forum.
The Group’s affiliates CMST Development Co. Ltd., China Logistics Co. Ltd., and China New Auto Co. Ltd. were invited by Lianyungang municipal Party committee and municipal government to participate in the exhibition. Jiangsu provincial Party committee standing member, executive vice governor Li Yunfeng, Lianyungang municipal Party committee secretary Yang Xingshi, and Mayor Zhao Xiaojiang visited the Group’s exhibition booth and communicated with Chairman Ma Zhengwu.

Afterwards, Chairman Ma was present on the Lianyungang Sino-Foreign Famous Enterprises Investment Promotion and Silk Road International Logistics Industry Investment Fund Conference and, witnessed the signing ceremony of “Strategic Cooperation Frame Agreement” between the Group and Lianyungang municipal government together with Lianyungang mayor Zhao Xiaojiang. This agreement marks the point where China Chengtong is engaged to provide the new energy vehicle solutions to the city of Lianyungang that is dedicated to a landmark model city of new energy vehicles.

In the afternoon, Chairman Ma met with Mayor Zhao Xiaojiang in Haizhouwan Conference Center and communicated in-depth on strengthening cooperation in storage, modern logistics, and new energy vehicles etc.

Mayor Zhao extended warm welcome to Chairman Ma for participating in the events of the Exhibition on behalf of the municipal Party committee and municipal government and said it had been long expected to promote significant cooperative projects with central enterprises. Zhao said that both the central and Jiangsu provincial government attached great importance to “One Belt, One Road” logistics cooperation projects and Lianyungang eagerly expected cooperation with the central enterprises. China Chengtong is the largest national storage and logistics enterprise, having advantages in resources, technology, and brand-names etc. He hoped that both side could make more efforts in communication, deepen pragmatic cooperation in infrastructure construction, logistics development, as well as human resource exchange and interaction etc. to contribute to the construction of “One Belt, One Road” point function of Lianyungang.

Chairman Ma thanked Lianyungang municipal Party committee and municipal government for their constant concern and support to China Chengtong’s development. After a brief introduction to the Group’s investment development and business trends, he said the development trend of Lianyungang was exciting with broad prospective in the future development, which provided excellent conditions for both to enhance cooperative level and potential. For the next step, China Chengtong would capture this opportunity of Lianyungang, faithfully implement the agreement, give full play to the enterprise’s core competitiveness, accelerate to launch the logistics cooperation, actively participate in the construction of China-Kazakhstan logistics base and SCO’s international logistics park, and discuss to establish cross border e-commercial platform to promote the land-bridge transportation construction, expand mutual cooperation and realize win-win situation.

During the Exhibition, Chairman Ma inspected container wharfs, expressway ports, inland terminal depots, and bonded logistics centers. Lianyungang municipal CPPCC’s vice chairman Lu Lin, Lianyungang Port Group’s Deputy President Chen Guangping accompanied and exchanged ideas with the visitors.

China Logistics Co. Ltd.’s chairman Liang Weihua, CMST Development Co. Ltd.’s general manager Zhao Xiaohong, China New Auto Co. Ltd.’s general manager Zheng Zheming were present on relevant activities.

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