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The Group’s President Hong Shuikun Attended China-U.S. Provincial Economy and Trade Forum and Made a Business Trip in Canada

The Group’s Headquarter     2015-10-10         

On Sept. 22nd-27th, accompanying state main leaders’ visit to the U.S., the Group’s president Hong Shuikun attended the China-U.S. Provincial Economy and Trade Forum held in Seattle and visited Vancouver and Toronto for business investigation. The Group’s deputy president Li Yousheng, Zhong Chu Stock’s Chairman Han Tielin, Guanhua High-tech’s general manager Huang Yangxu attended relevant activities.

Pic.I: The Group’s President Hong Shuikun, Deputy President Li Yousheng attended China-U.S. Provincial Economy and Trade Forum

Pic.2: The Group’s President Hong Shuikun Communicated with Participant Representatives on China-U.S. Provincial Economy and Trade Forum

On Sept. 22nd, Ministry of Commerce of China and Washington State government of the U.S. co-hosted “China-U.S. Provincial Economy and Trade Forum, i.e. the ceremony to establish the Trade and Investment Cooperation Working Group among Chinese provinces and the State of Washington in the U.S.”. The Group’s president Hong Shuikun attended this event on invitation and exchanged ideas. Deputy Negotiation Representative of International Trade from Ministry of Commerce Zhang Xiangchen and Lieutenant Governor of the State of Washington Brad Owen made opening speeches. Enterprise representatives from China and the U.S. exchanged ideas on investment, internet+commerce, and agriculture issues etc. Central and provincial government officials, commercial associations, agencies and industrial and commercial circles from both China and the U.S. amounted to over 400 attended the activities.

On Sept. 24th-27th, The Group’s President Hong Shuikun visited Canada for commercial investigation and called on Canadian senate and Co-Chair of the Canada-China Legislative Association Victor Oh. He paid a visit to the headquarter of Canada’s main comprehensive forestry Group, TEMBEC located in Toronto, and communicated with persons in charge of West Fraser’s Asian department to investigate on site paper pulp logistics

Pic.3: The Group’s President Hong Shuikun Visited TEMBEC’s Headquarter

The Group’s President Hong Shuikun introduced the Group’s situation to senate Victor Oh and communicated adequately on Canada’s commercial and diplomatic policy on China. He enquired for Canadian federal parliamentary system and policy and regulations on foreign enterprise investment, merger, labor and job issues. The senate welcomed the Group to develop its business in Canada and he would like himself to play an active role from the aspects of both the government and the enterprises.

In TEMBEC’s headquarter, the visiting group called on deputy executive president and pulp paper general manager Chris, deputy president of pulp sales Kang Dafei, and pulp technology and product development director Zhou Yajun to listen to their introduction to the company’s current situation, strategic transition, low-carbon sustainable development, and secure global market, especially to the cooperation with the Group’s affiliates of paper enterprises. President Hong Shuikun spoke highly of TEMBEC’s active transition strategy to focus on its core competitiveness construction. He also introduced the Group’s paper business, logistics, and current reform and development. Deputy President Chris looked up to the Group’s competitiveness and developing prospect and would like to deepen communication and strengthen cooperation in paper business.

Pic. 4: The Group’s President Hong Shuiqun Visited Squaw Mish Dock in Vancouver.

The visiting group and West Fraser company’s Asian sales department Todd Kennedy and technology sales manager Dr. Yan Dongbo exchanged ideas on businesses, and visited Squaw Mish Dock and the storage site, where aspects of its logistics services, clothing details, goods types, flow direction, export declaration procedures, corporate performance evaluation, etc. were communicated with persons in charge of the dock.

Both Americans and Canadians are concerned about economic trend of China, which is responded by president Hong with relevant introduction.

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