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The Group’s President Hong Shuikun Attended Seminar to Intensify SOE Reform and Innovation Development

The Group’s Headquarter     2015-10-26         

On Oct. 24th, the seminar to intensify SOE reform and innovation co-hosted by SASAC news center and China State Capital and SOE Industry Innovation Strategy Consortium (abbr. as “Consortium” below) was held in Huaian, Jiangsu. The seminar was aimed to implement and land “Guiding Suggesting to Intensify SOE Reform from the Central Government and the State Council” and increase communication on SOE reform and innovation across the country. NPC Financial Committee deputy director, the Consortium chief advisor Shao Ning attended the seminar and made a memoir report. SASAC news center’s spokesman, promotion bureau director, news center director Lu Weidong and the Group’s president, the Consortium president Hong Shuikun were present to deliver speeches.

Shao Ning pointed out that the “Guiding Suggestions” adhered to the direction of the SOE market reform, and significant measures and principals conformed to realities faced by enterprises in reform. In the memoir, director Shao Ning interpreted the contents and special features of the “Guiding Suggestions” from perspectives of state-owned capital management system, classified reform inspection and management, diversified ownership, leader management, perfection of legal person management structure, and intensification and improvement of the Party’s leadership.

Director Lu Weidong congratulated on the successful opening of the seminar on behalf of the host and pointed out that this seminar was a concrete step of intensifying the implementation of the “Guiding Suggestions”. He stressed to enhance recognition, solidify common sense, improve pertinence and integrate SOE reform with public entrepreneurship and innovation.

President Hong stated in his speech that the “Guiding Suggestions” was a milestone on the development of state capital and SOE reform and the purpose of this seminar was to push forward the study and implementation of the “Guiding Suggestions”.  The SOE reform itself is a great progress combining innovations in both theory and practices. At present, our country is experiencing a fundamental change of upgrade and transition. How to perfect SOE capital management system, modern enterprise system and marketized operation system and how to improve economic vitality, controlling force, influence and capability to rise from risks depend on whether we can manage to capture the overall innovation, integral innovation and system innovation in a series of reform and development and requires us to find new thoughts and method to solve problems. Hong said as a social organization to serve state capital and SOEs reform and innovation, the Consortium will focus on all significant tasks and pragmatic problems to which all levels of government and SASAC inspection organizations attach great importance, increase theory and policy study, practical cooperation and experience exchange from all aspects, push forward mode and road innovation for all significant reform and give full play to all promotion and service function that it shall do under the guidance of SASAC and in line with the “four overall” strategy layout as well the target and direction of reform intensification.

On the seminar, the dean of Economics of School of Remin University Zhang Yu and SASAC reform office deputy director Dong Chaohui delivered theme speeches. Persons in charge of SASAC in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Xi’an made special speeches and SASAC representatives from over 20 cities exchanged written achievement and experience reports on local SOE reform or spoke on the seminar. Inspector from SASAC inspection board office Li Baomin concluded the seminar with a speech.

The seminar was a great success and is hoped for in the future to promote state capital and SOE reform. Major leaders from Huaian municipal Party committee and municipal government attended this activity and gave great support to it.  

The seminar also attracted extensive attention from the media. Xinhua News Agency, People’s Daily online, Economic Daily, Securities Daily, Ren Min Zheng Xie Bao, China Business News, Enterprise Observer, Huaian Daily, as well magazines like SASAC Reports and SOE Management were present `and reported on the seminar.


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