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The Group Leaders Visited WWII Veterans

The Group’s Headquarter     2015-08-28         

On Aug. 27th, for the solemn commemoration and the 70th anniversary of the victory of the Chinese people’s Anti-Japanese War and in order to highlight their meritorious service and honorable status, the Group’s Party secretary Ma Zhengwu and president Hong Shuikun carried out relevant spirits guided by the central government and SASAC and called on to Anti Japanese’s War’s hero representatives Zhang Yaohua and Gao Shoushan.

Pic. I: Ma’s visit to Zhang Yaohua

Pic. II: Hong’s visit to Gao Shoushan

In their home, the Group’s cadres asked the veterans about their health and family conditions and listened to their stories in the war. They expressed reverence and gratitude to the veterans and awarded them with souvenir medals for commemorating the victory of the Chinese people’s Anti-Japanese war and introduced the recent reform fruits made by the Group. The cadres also urged relevant person in charge to take good care of the veterans and make efforts to solve their problems, having them feel the concern and warmth from the Group and the Party. Zhang Yaohua, aged 88 and Gao Shoushan, aged 99, together with their family expressed their gratitude to the Group and the Party’s concern and visit.

The Group’s Party secretary and director of Old Cadre Office Ren Xiaoyin, Party secretary of China Package Li Hua, and deputy secretary of the Group’s discipline inspection commission Wu Chunquan were present during the visit.

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