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Chinese Enterprise Established Star Project in Russia

The Group’s Headquarter     2015-06-02         

    On May 26th, the 12th Russian Federal Gold Mercury Prize Awarding Ceremony was held solemnly in Moscow. A Chinese enterprise, European Development Investment Management Center (abbr. as European Center) was awarded the Best Foreign Enterprise of Russian Federation in 2014.

    This is the first time that a Chinese enterprise win the price since the launch of the Gold Mercury Price in 2002. In 2013, the winner was Simons. The Gold Mercury Prize is a state-leveled annual prize and is awarded only to one foreign enterprise each year. The Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev sent a letter of congratulation and stated that the Gold Mercury Prize was an authentic admission of the Russian Federation to all the winners in the Russian market. The high-quality products and service supplied to the Russian market ensured the constant technological innovation.

    China Chengtong’s vice president, European Center Persons in Charge Cai Guiru stated in the acceptance speech that this award from the Russian government was an encouragement and admission to all Chinese enterprises and hoped that more and more excellent Chinese enterprises would stand on the same platform and accept the prize.

    The European Center entered the Russian market in 1996 and witnessed 19 years’ development. The Moscow Friendship Mall opened in October, 2000. Chinese Product Trade Exhibition Center in Moscow opened in 2006. China’s largest commercial investment project, the Greenwood International Trade Center unveiled its nameplate and started operation in 2010. The European Center was the first Chinese enterprise to join in the Moscow Association of Foreign Investment and was continuously assessed to be excellent member of the year. European Center stuck to the spirits of solid work, legal operation, and cultural difference understanding, fulfilled its social responsibility, and kept faith in Russian market, of which was approved of by the government of both China and Russia. The Greenwood project was praised by Russian President Vladimir Putin on the APEC Summit held in Beijing on Nov. 11, 2014. Moscow International Commercial Association secretary general Ivanovic lauded the European Center on the awarding ceremony: ”You are becoming more and more excellent and there is no reason why you are not on this platform.”

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