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Chairman Ma Zhengwu Met with Tibetan SASAC Director Yu Heping

集团总部     2013-07-15         

On July 10, the Group’s chairman Ma Zhengwu visited Tibet for investigation and met with Tibetan SASAC director and deputy secretary Yu Heping and Tibetan State-owned Assets Management Co. Ltd. chairman and general manager Tang Zeping, China Logistics Co. Ltd. chairman and general management Liang Weihua, persons in charge of Tibetan SASAC enterprise reform and development department and human resources department, as well as operating team of Tibetan State-owned Assets Management Co. Ltd. attended the meeting.  

Director Yu Heping introduced Tibet’s politics, economy and SOE developments. Yu hoped that Tibet and China Chengtong could work together in personnel management, logistics, professional personnel training and management as well as in financial businesses and suggested that China Chengtong take full advantages of the prestige policies of the Autonomous Region in finance and invest in Tibet. Yu welcomed China Chengtong in the reform of SOEs belonging to the region.

Tang Zeping represented Tibetan State-owned Assets Management Co. Ltd. to extend warmest welcome to the delegation and expressed sincere gratitude towards China Chengtong for their support and help on personnel exchange and training as well as project investment. He wished that China Logistics would be a start for more and more closely developed cooperation in assets management, capital operation, logistics and personnel training between the two.

Chairman Ma thanked Tibetan SASAC and Tibetan State-owned Assets Management Co. Ltd. for their support to China Chengtong’s development in Tibet and sincerely congratulated on the development of Tibetan SOEs and SOE reforms in Tibet. He also said that China Chengtong would like to provide support to exchange, cooperation and personnel management in relevant fields that the Group led.


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