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The Group Held Promoting Meeting on Inner Control System Construction

集团总部     2013-06-21         

In order to meet SASAC’s requirements on inner control system construction, push forward the implementation of “China Chengtong Inner Control Overall Construction Work Program”, and promote the inner control system construction amongst non-pilot units, the Group held an inner control system construction meeting on June 20. Vice president Qi Kaiming was present and delivered a speech. Leaders and relevant staff of pilot unit representative Zhongchu Stock, and 7 non-pilot units from including China Paper, Chengtong Assets and secondary enterprises attended the meeting.

The Group’s risk control and legal affairs department reviewed the work of inner control. Legal consultant of Zhongchu Stock Gao Ling introduced the challenges and keys in the pilot work of inner control system construction. Baker Tilly China provided professional trainings on the procedure, technology, etc. of inner control system construction. The 7 units also discussed with Baker Tilly China on how to carry out the work.

Vice president Qi Kaiming stressed significance of the inner control system construction and implantation, and raised three points. 1. All the enterprises should enter the working state and push forward the inner control system construction and implementation. 2. The work should be well organized and planned in advance in order to make sure of its quality and effect. 3. The work should be done on time and brochures or other inner control work landmarks should be submitted by the end of the year.


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