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The Group Signed Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement with Wuxi Municipal Government

集团总部     2013-08-29         

On Aug 27-28, the Group’s chairman Ma Zhengwu was present on the signing ceremony of Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement with Wuxi municipal government and visited Wuxi (Taihu) International Scientific and Technology Park and Wuxi logistic center under Zhongchu Stock for investigation.

Chairman Ma thanked Wuxi municipal government for its continuing support to and concern for China Chengtong during his speech on the ceremony. He demanded the Group’s enterprises should exploit the advantages of state-owned enterprises to the full, do their best in investment and management in order to bring more contribution to economic and social development of Wuxi.

Acting mayor Wang Quan expressed gratitude towards China Chengtong for its economic construction brought to Wuxi and expected that the strategic cooperation would play a promoting role in Wuxi’s industrial upgrading and economic development. He said that Wuxi municipal government would give full supports to China Chengtong’s development in the city, endeavor to provide high-quality and efficient service and actively build a good developing environment.

Before the signing, vice president of the Group Li Yousheng introduced the intention of the strategic cooperation between China Chengtong and Wuxi, as well as the background, content and significance of the cooperative project. Afterwards, he represented the Group to sign the “Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement” with the executive mayor of Wuxi.

On the 28th, accompanied by vice mayor Shi Lijun, Chairman Ma watched the development and application exhibition of internet of things project at Wuxi (Taihu) International Scientific and Technology Park. He held a discussion with leaders of the park management committee and enterprises representatives over internet of things technology and its application for the Group’s comprehensive logistics, forest pulp paper, agricultural product circulation etc.

Relevant personnel from Wuxi municipal government, general manager of Zhongchu Stock Xiang Hong, general manager of China Packaging Corporation Zong Jian, general manager of China Commercial Group Gu Laiyun and personnel in the Group’s strategic development center attended the events.


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