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Anti-Corrupt Mobilization Meeting Held in Beijing

集团总部     2013-03-11         

On March 7, the Group held a mobilization meeting for the activity of anti-corrupt promotion. The meeting, which aimed at anti-corrupt education for cadres and Party members, arranged the Anti-Corrupt Month Promotion Activity 2013and gave trainings to cadres and Party members. The Group’s vice president Hong Shuikun hosted the meeting. Over 110 people from the Group’s headquarter and secondary enterprises in Beijing attended the meeting. This meeting represented the start of the Anti-Corrupt Month Promotion Activity 2013.

The Group’s deputy party secretary and secretary of discipline inspection commission Li Yaoqiang pointed out in his mobilizing speech the following issues. First, the Group should fully understand the importance and necessity of the anti-corrupt activity. Anti-corrupt promotion and education is not only a basic measure taken to prevent and cure corrupt, but also the demand of the Group’s development. This promoting activity should intensify, systemize and institutionalize anti-corrupt actions. Second, the Group should clarify the tasks to push forward the activity. All levels of enterprises of the Group should act according to the arrangement of the Group, combine their practical situation, ensure the quality of implementing the activity by following the “six-ones” activity instruction and building up the correct atmosphere of the activity. Third, the leaders of this anti-corrupt activity should actively take part in it and lead the staff to implement the activity through good organization. Secondary enterprises should intensify the follow-ups of this activity and ensure the quality of the event.

SASAC Office II Hu Xianzheng attended the meeting at invitation and made a presentation entitled “Interpretation of SOE Anti-corrupt Trend”, which made a great success.



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