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Gather Strength and Promote Upgrades and Benefit at Once

By the Group’s headquarter     2013-01-28         

On Jan. 21-22, 2013, China Chengtong’s Working Conference 2013, i.e. the fifth meeting of the 1ststaff representatives was held in Beijing. This conference was guided under the spirit of intensifying implementation of the 18thParty Central Congress. It summarized the Group’s work in 2012, analyzed the macro-economic trend, focused on difficult and significant problems in order to reach consensus, scientific development, quality improvement and efficiency enhancement.

Chairman of supervising committee under State Council Hao Fengtao, former minister of national trade Lu Jiang, outer inspector Wang Xiangxin, Zhou Jianhua, the Group’s former cadres Jia Hongsheng, Luo Shuqing, Sun Zhenguo, Gu Xiangdong, Zhang Baozhen attended the conference at invitation. Senior managers and cadres of higher rank from the headquarter, leaders and party members of the secondary enterprises, general managers of tertiary enterprises that are within the budget, the Group’s staff representatives amounting to 280 attended the conference.

The Group’s chairman and Party secretary Ma Zhengwu made a speech entitled “Transform Update and Management Enhancement”. He reviewed the Group’s development in his third term, analyzed the current overall situation, and raised the requirement and significant issues to be tackled in the future. The Group’s president and deputy Party secretary Hong Shuikun’s report “Development Brings Consensus and Transform Promotes Benefits” summarized the achievements made last year, insightfully discerned highlighted problems, gave a target for 2013’s work and deployed main work of the Group.

On 21st, the Group’s fifth meeting of the 1ststaff representatives was held. 117 attendants carefully reviewed the Group’s Working Report 2013 and the main working arrangement for 2013. Representatives raised actively constructive suggestions centering strengthening basic enterprise management, raising comprehensive compatibilities, establishing core enterprise culture, as well as protecting the staff’s legal and democratic rights. Their perspectives were closely related to the development and the reform of the Group.

On 22nd, researcher of advisory office of the State Council and well-known economist Yao Jingyuan delivered a speech on national macro-economy tendency at invitation, interpreting the current economic tendency from perspectives of export, investment and consumption and combining the current pricing problem.

General manager of China Logistics Company Ltd., Liang Wei Hua, general manager of China Chengtong Asset Management Company Ltd. Zhang Wenbao, general manager of Zhongchu Stock Wuxi company Yang Biao, general manager of China Paper Taige Paper Group Huang Xin made speeches on the conference and reported the achievements of their companies.

The conference awarded outstanding people for their management in 2012. Deputy Party sectary Li Yaoqiang read the decision of the 10thCheng Tong Stars and 8 people including Zhongchu Liaoning business division Party secretary and Tiexi Branch general manager Zhang Zuokun were awarded.

The Conference also announced EVA list of all the Group’s enterprises and the list of important contacting enterprises.


Gather Strength and Ensure Targets

The Group’s enterprises implemented the requirements made by the broads of directors and inspectors as well as the Party committee, actively responded to the challenges, focused on long-term targets and main business development, intensified reform, strengthened strategy, innovation and team-building, took measures in controlling deficit, implementing social responsibility and Party building in the past year’s complex and difficult economy and with efforts made by the entire Group,  the targeted requirement of stabilizing increase and raising benefits made by SASAC  was achieved.

Chairman Ma spoke highly of the new jump develop and good and fast development of the Group in his tertiary term. The three years’ hard and consistent efforts fruited the growth of all main business indexes by twice.

President Hong pointed out in his speech that the past year had been the most difficult year since China Chengtong was managed as a central enterprise. Chengtong clung to SASAC’s stable increase requirement, sought new logistic markets, made breakthrough in capital management, realized initial management upgrade, quickened the innovation steps, transformed through technical innovation, fulfilled social responsibilities and enhanced work between the Party and the staff.

Under situation of the unpromising international economy and the increasing downward pressure of the national economy, the Group still completed the planned tasks and realized strategic targets, which was unseparatable from the efforts of the entire Group. This spirit of hard-working and readiness for challenges is extremely valuable at the 20thanniversary for the Group.


Understand the Situation and Catch the Opportunities

The central economic conference held last year discerned the international and national economic situation and clarified the overall requirement and tasks of economic tasks this year. Generally speaking, we are still faced with many great strategic opportunities and advantages of social, economic development, though difficulties and challenges are not to be underestimated. The speech made in the central economic conference pointed out that we need to think more comprehensively of the problems and difficulties, plan ahead and plan in detail in order to grasp the initiative and continue to win in vying markets.

SASAC’s target requirement of “Stabilize the work and improve the development quality and benefit” pointed out that the Group should attach great importance to problems like low business concentration, multi-business management challenges as well as lack of leaders in main business and should solve these problems one by one carefully.

The meeting stressed that leaders of all levels of the Group should be full of passion and sense to lead and work confidently and competitively to catch the opportunity and realize continuous quality and benefit upgrades.


Intensify Reform to Be Stronger and Better

The year 2013 is the start of implementing the spirit of the 18thParty Congress and the key time to carry out the 12thfive year plan.

The congress stressed the main idea of implementing “one-five-three”instructions and the requirement of “focus on reform, structure adjustment, new drive, management upgrade and new breakthroughs”. Therefore, the Group will mainly focus the job on structural adjustment and reform, guarantee the budget and the stable development, realize an obvious management upgrade and benefit enhancement. Four aspects of work should be done. First, focus on value creating. The reform evaluation, assessment method, strategic management and resource allocation should be considered with efficiency and benefit adjustment organization system. Second, the Group should respond quickly to changes and quicken the reform. Third, the management upgrade and control should be improved by strengthening the basis and quality of operating. Fourth, the Group should intensify their understanding of the spirit of the 18thParty Congress and improve the Group’s Party building.

The meeting concluded that 2013 will be a critical year for the Group to respond to micro-economy and solve its own problems, indicating difficulties and hard work. The Groups should work together with one heart to realize all the targets set for the new year.





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