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The Group’s Board Made an Investigation on Taige Paper

集团总部     2012-11-02         

On Oct. 29thand 30th, the Group’s chairman Ma Zhengwu, director Chen Xuezhong, Zhang Peng, vice president Li Yousheng,, board secretary Miao Qinghua made an investigation on China Paper enterprises in Hunan province.

On the afternoon of the 30th, the board had a meeting with the cadres of Taige Paper and Yueyang Paper. General manager of Taige Paper Huang Xin reported Taige Paper Group’s recent work focus and the main economic index from January to September. Chairman of board of Taige Forest Paper Group Wu Jialin and general manager Jiang Liya analyzed the current performance of Taige Paper and Yueyang Paper respectively and suggested measures to improve the overall earning.

Chairman Ma pointed out that Taige Paper has been playing an active role on re-establishing China Chengtong’s image for the past three years when it joined in the Group. The cooperativity is forming. Taige Paper Group is steady in operating, management structure and three reforming measures. Ma stressed the following points about further development. First, Taige should continuously stick to low cost oriented strategy and push forward reform in the future. Second, the Group should strive to activate the non-benefit, non-main business capitals. Third, the Group needs to work hard to quicken the capital turnover. Ma called on all the attendees to coordinate and endeavor to have great work done.


On the night of 29th, Ma met with Yiyang municipal party secretary Ma Yong and achieved an agreement on promoting development of Yuan Zhi.

On the morning of 30th, the board had a meeting with Yuanjiang municipal government officials and cadres of Yuan Paper. Ma expressed the gratitude toward Yuanjiang government for their support to Yuan Zhi. He pointed out that the future of Yuan Paper depended on inner reform, innovative spirits of the staff, and the degree of technological innovation, as well as reform and new product development. He required Yuan Paper should activate the small machines and protect the environment.

On the afternoon of 30th, Ma visited Maoyuan Junshan Institute of Scientific Research and made an investigation of the growth of “out space saplings” and other forest researching achievements. He said that forest researchers should actively engage themselves in the “green action” and contribute to efficiency enhancing.

On Nov. 1st- 3rd. the Group’s directors Zhang Qiusheng, Chen Xuezhong, Zhang Peng, vice president Li Yousheng, the board secretary Miao Qinghua went to Yongzhou, Hongjiang and Huaihua and made an intensified investigation on the operation of  Xiangjiang Paper, Hongjiang Paper, Juntai Paper and made requirements on these paper enterprises in terms of development.


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