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The Finance Corporation Signed Zijinchi Service Contract with ICBC H.O.

集团总部     2012-09-24         

On Sept. 18th, China Chengtong Finance Corporation Ltd. and head office of Industrial and Commerce Bank of China held a cooperating meeting in Beijing, on which Zijinchi Service contract was signed. The Group’s accountant general and the Chairman of board of the finance corporation Xu Zhen, deputy accountant general and the inspector of the finance corporation Qin Zhen, general manager of the finance corporation Zhao Hongwu, general manager of ICBC H.O. settlement and cash management department Xu Yan, deputy president of Beijing Branch of ICBC Gong Ping as well as relevant cadres and persons in charge were present on the signing ceremony.

Zhao Hongwu and Xu Yan represented each side to sign the contract.

This agreement will enable the finance corporate to make good use of ICBC’s systematic function and establish Zijinchi capital account system, which deals with basic balance settlement and account management and will play an active role on the Group’s capital usage efficiency and reducing capital cost.

Before the signing ceremony, both side exchanged ideas concerning cooperation potentials and perspectives and acquired more information about one another.


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