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Chairman of Board of Inspectors Gao Fengtao Inspected the Group’s Paper Enterprises in Hunan Province

集团总部     2012-05-15         

From May 6 to May 11, chairman of board of inspectors dispatched by the State Council to important large state-owned companies Gao Fengtao, chief of board of inspectors of 01 office Kong Jianguo, inspector Wang Xiangxin, Wang Hongzhi, Feng Tiecheng inspected the Group’s paper enterprises accompanied by general manager of China Paper Tong Laiming and general manager of Taigelin Paper Group Wu Jialin.

Gao’s visiting group first inspected Juntai Paper Co. Ltd in Hunan. In the controlling center of the production zone, they saw the world leading, energy-saving, environment-protecting, resource-recycling automatic producing system and were introduced to the dissolving pulp project. They also carefully watched the entire process of pulp board packaging in pulping zone. The chairman of the board of the company Xu Yuanmei reported the construction, production and operation of the company to the visitors. Guo said that the company changed one’s impression on the paper factory, which used to be heavily polluting. He also stressed three aspects, including cost management, safety production and environment protection in the future work. He said there was still great potential to improve the management, with the improvement of which, cost could be lowered; profit would increase; safety production could be guaranteed and environment protection could be realized.


While in Yueyang, Gao visited Junshan Institute of Maoyuan Forest Industry Co.Ltd, port of Chenglingji, controlling building of Yueyang Paper, the 5th division of paper production business,the 6th division of paper production business, sewage processing center under Yueyang Forest Paper Co. Ltd. He learned carefully about the producing process, product characters, research in forest industry, and production and management. In the headquarter of Yueyang Forest Paper, Gao listened to the reports about China Paper, particularly the paper enterprises in Hunan province. General manager of China Paper Tong Laiming made a report on the history and current operation of China Paper and presented the strategic plans for further reform. General manager Wu Jialin reported about the background and development, as well as current market and responding measures of Taige Paper Group. General manager of Yueyang Forest Paper made a report about how the company centered the topic of profit making and pushed forward the “531” (five transformations, three reforms and one detail presenting) projects.


Gao was deeply impressed by the comprehensive competitiveness and the reform and development of the paper industry sector of China Chengtong. He said he could feel the enthusiasm of the staff when visiting Taige Forest Paper factories in Huaihua and Yueyang. The Group’s paper sector is faced with great challenges. It is important to be innovative in reform and structural adjustment so as to lower the cost and raise profit. Faced with great challenges in the next half year, Taige Forest Paper should seek its own way of development, attach importance to the safety production, energy saving and environment protection, and take the social responsibility to contribute to the Party construction and unite the staff to stabilize the reform and effectively respond to the market challenges.

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