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Vice President of Agriculture Bank of China Guo Haoda visited the Greenwood International Trade Center

集团总部     2011-09-30         

Vice president of Agricultural Bank of China Guo Haoda with persons in charge in the Company Business Department, Institute Business Department, VIP Service Department, International Business Department of the headquarter of ABC and the Beijing Branch made visits to the Chinese enterprises in Russia on Sept 22nd and 23rd during the intervals of International Conference of Banking. He particularly inspected Moscow’s Greenwood International Trade Center invested by China Chengtong with ABC’s loan, inquiring into the basic information, constructing process, operating mode and financial demand. Vice president of the Group and general manager of Greenwood International Trade Center Cai Guiru and the Group’s general accountant Xu Zhen accompanied the inspecting group.

Diplomatic minister and economic councilor of the Chinese embassy to Russia Ling Ji met with Guo’s visiting group and exchanged ideas over Sino-Russian trade and the Greenwood project. Ling pointed out that Sino-Russian trade witnessed not only an increase in scale, but also an optimization of quality and structure. The business and trade environments of both countries will continue to improve and regional integration and trade facilitation will keep intensify in the next 5 to 10 years. Both China and Russia are faced with significant and strategic opportunity. As the present largest oversea investment of Chinese enterprises in the field of business and trade, the Greenwood project is expecting to have the function of a public service platform for Chinese companies in Russia. European Investment Management Business Development Centre and Friendship Shopping Mall had over 10 years’experience in Russia and accumulated rich resources, which played an important role in the Greenwood project. On Sept. 16th, Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress Wu Bangguo unveiled the nameplate for the project, and Russia officials of high rank also attended the ceremony, which showed the concern and support to the project by both governments. Li also expressed his confidence in the project when seeing the diligence of both managing team and working staff.

President of ABC Guo made an inspection of the central park, exhibition halls and the newly decorated main building of the Greenwood International Trade Center, and listened to the introduction of the project. The Group’s general accountant Xu expressed the sincere gratitude to ABC for its support to the project, and made an introduction of the entire process of the project, including assessment, purchase, decoration, canvassing, trial operation and the official start of the center. Xu also introduced how the Group acquired relevant favorable policies. Vice president Cai pointed out that Greenwood aimed at becoming a legal business platform, pushing forward the Sino-Russian trade standardization, and took the recreation of the image of Chinese commodities and assistance to the going-out policy of Chinese enterprises as its own responsibility.

Guo disclosed the change of impressions on the center after his visit. He felt more confident in the project when he saw that the Greenwood Center was multi-functional and comprehensive instead of a mere shopping mall or a market. Guo pointed out that besides considerations over name brand strategy and value elevation, the focus of the center would be canvassing and operating for a period of time in the future. More efforts should be made in marketing at home, in order to attract more large scale producers and enterprises of distinguished brands.

Director of president office of the Group Zhu Xiaozheng, China Chengtong International Investment Co. Ltd’s deputy general manager Liu Xiaping, general accountant Ji Chunqin, and deputy director general of European Center Yang Haiyi were present during the inspection.


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