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The Group Held a Meeting over Achievement Assessment of Persons in Charge in Secondary Enterprises

集团总部     2011-10-13         

In order to practice the Group’s 2011 work requirement and the spirit stated in the Group’s working conference, and to enhance the assessment of operating achievements of persons in charge in secondary enterprise, the Group held a communicating meeting on Oct. 12th. The persons in charge in the leading group and human resources department of secondary enterprises attended the meeting. The Group’s president Hong Shuikun hosted the meeting.

The Group’s vice president Cheng Wu introduced the operating achievement assessment of persons in charge in the secondary enterprises, and explained the backgrounds, principles and targets of the amendments of the “Temporary Methods of Operating Achievement Assessment and Pay Management for Persons in Charge in Secondary Enterprises”.

Hong passed on the guiding advice of the Group’s CEO Ma Zhengwu on the pay management. He emphasized that the pay management is the central work of human resources management, which reflected the strategic orientation of the Group. It was based on the following concerns that the Group amended the “Methods of Operating Achievement Assessment and Pay Management for Persons in Charge in Secondary Enterprises”: 1) to meet the demand of strategic development, different types of enterprises of the Group should set up assessment systems according to different stages and situations of each individual corporation in order to realize the Group’s overall target; 2) to meet the demand of changing markets, it is necessary to establish a competitive pay system favoring attracting talented people and enhancing the personnel, so as to forge its own status in the human resource market; 3) to meet the demand of inner coordination, the pay system should help to promote good working performance among enterprises.

Hong pointed out that the Group’s pay management should play an active role in the management of enterprises. On the one hand, a good pay system enables talented staff to realize their values. On the other hand, a good pay system helps to serve an efficient engine for enterprises in leading it to the road of healthy development and management. The pay management is a significant difficulty faced by enterprises all over the world. Advantages and disadvantages co-exist in one pay management system. The Group has been probing an effective method in pay management, in order to meet the needs of various development stages of the Group and to lead the secondary enterprises to achieve their potentials and become leader of their relevant fields.

At last, Hong emphasized that leaders of every secondary enterprise should attach great importance to and study scrupulous the amendments, and communicate with the Group without delay, so as to contribute to an innovative pay management and push forward the development of the Group.


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