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The 3rd Quarter Operating Analysis Meeting Emphasized on Operating Quality Enhancing and Overall Budget Assured

集团总部     2011-10-21         

On Oct. 20th, the Group’s 3rd quarter 2011 Operating Analysis Meeting was held in Beijing. The Group’s president Hong Shuikun hosted the meeting. Director Fan Xiaofu, associate chairman of Board of Supervisors Wang Min, Supervisor Wang Xiangxin, the Group’s party and management members, all the staff, party and management members in secondary enterprises and persons in charge of finance amounting to 110 people attended the meeting.

The Group’s vice president Qi Kaiming reported on the Group’s implementation of operating budget in the 3rd quarter. General accountant Xu Zhen reported on the reforms and adjustments in the aspects about which the Group’s board of directors and board of supervisors showed great concerns, and the raised requirements on the budget planning of 2012. Deputy general accountant Qin Ju reported on the implementation of the first 3 quarters’ budget. Director general of Operating and Management Center Li Ju reported on the business operating. Secondary enterprises exchanged written reports.

The 3rd quarter saw an overall stable budget implementation and realized an increase. With an obvious tendency of slowing down in the growth of the still stable micro-economy, the Group’s business managed a continuous increase on the whole and an effective inner structure adjustment. The revenue of logistics, trade and forest paper realized increases to different degrees. But problems of marketing and increases in stock existed. New budget projects reduced. And the focus of the budget lied on integrative reorganization. The capital management of the first 3 quarters made an active progress, but the 4th quarter is still faced with strenuous tasks.

Hong passed on the contents in“The Outline of Implementation of Harmonious Development Strategy of Central Enterprises during the 12th Five Year Plan Period”. He also asked the party committee of all levels of enterprises to conscientiously study and implement the spirit stated in the 6th Plenary Session of the 17th CPC Central Committee.

Hong analyzed the macro-economic environment at home and abroad. It is not very possible for the international economic situation to turn positive in a short period of time, while the trade barriers directed against China increases day by day. The leading force in world economy is still unclear, and the amount of external influencing factors is considerable. Domestic economy is unlikely to have significant change shortly, but structural adjustment remains a key task to realize sustainable development. Faced with the complicated situation, the Group should keep alert and respond actively to turn the challenges and difficulty into an opportunity of self-elevation through creative service mode, adjustment of product structure and enhanced management.

Hong also gave the following requirements on the work for the year end. 1) The seriousness of budget should be preserved. The Group signed contracts of operating targets with secondary companies at the beginning of the year, defining responsibilities and obligations, which should be strictly implemented and examined. Enterprises under greater pressure of annual balance budget should pull together to consider seriously the shortcomings in their practice and to take measures with true implementations. 2) Cash flow should be attached great importance to, instead of adhering only to the scale. All the enterprises should conscientiously count to see if they really operate smoothly under the superficial prosperity. Enterprises with oversea programs need to explore markets continuously and strengthen canvassing. Those of paper industry should push forward inner integrity and clear capitals of little profit, low effects or no effects in order to raise the overall benefits. 3) Problems in operating should be noted closely. The sense of responsibility should be sharpened in every level. Enterprises should keep alert to the possibility of customers of all levels to break contracts, and should strengthen the study and judge over trades, and take effective measures to respond to the complicated situation. 4) The budget planning for 2011 should be made seriously at the Group’s request and should be reported on due time. 5)Security in production should be persisted on. Enterprises must strictly define responsibilities concerning security management, and strengthen security training and security examination in order to make sure of implementation of the security management

Hong concluded that this year is the most challenging and difficult in recent years. He wished that the all the staff make good use of the remaining time and make all efforts to improve the operating situation with high spirits, full confidence and strengthened sense of responsibility in order to make sure the smooth realization of the budget.


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