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The Group’s President Hong Shuikun Met with Vice President of Inner Mongolia Guo Qijun’s Visiting Group

China National Packing Corporation     2011-05-26         

President Hong Shuikun Met in the headquarter with the invited vice president of Inner Mongolia autonomous region and secretary of Baotou municipal committee of the CPC Guo Qijun, mayor of Baotou Sun Weidong, deputy mayor Cao Wenhua, and head of administration committee of rare earth high-tech zone in Baotou Ren Fu on May 25th. President and secretary of the Party committee of China National Packing Corporation Zong Jian, general manager of CMST Development Co.Ltd. Xiang Hong, vice president of China National Packing Li Hua and assistant to the president Ouyang Lingjing attended the meeting.

Hong and Guo exchanged ideas on the project of Manduola port park, the project of modern comprehensive logistic park, the project of coal managing, the issue of coal distributing center of Baotou, the project of Moscow Greenwood International Trade Park, and the Baotou-Frankfurt International container base.

Guo said that as an important industrial city of the northwest and a key location for transportation, Baotou has realized a leap-over development in the national strategic development of the west, and that Baotou welcomed China Chengtong’s participation in the integrity of logistic sources in Baotou, in order to enable the logistic industry to lead a quick development of the local service industry. Guo also assured that Baotou would push forward the realization of the concrete projects agreed on in the strategic cooperation contract signed with China National Packing.

Hong welcomed Guo’s visit and made an introduction of China Chengtong’s businesses, including the logistics, trade, forest paper and capital operating, as well as the advantage of scientific research and innovative achievements. Hong stated that with its rich logistic sources and unique management, China Chengtong will continue improving its national logistic net layout during the 12th five year plan period, actively participate in the implementation of the Western Development Strategy, quickly, healthily, and efficiently support the local economy. He assured that Chengtong would strengthen the cooperation with Baotou, and would dispatch experts to Gaotou for investigation.


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