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The Group and Tsinghua University Co-organized the Further Study Class for Cadres

Chengtong headquarter     2011-08-15         

In order to carry out the spirit stated in the Group’s 2010 annual meeting and strengthen the construction of competitiveness of cadres of all levels, the Group decided to organize the further study class with Tsinghua University. The opening ceremony for the 1st further study class took place on August 14th.

The Group’s board chairman and secretary of the Party committee Ma Zhengwu, deputy director of school administration committee and former president of Tsinghua University Sun Jiming attended the opening ceremony and delivered speeches. Vice president of the Group Cheng Wu, general accountant Xu Zhen, deputy president Li Yousheng, secretary of the board of directors Miao Qinghua, deputy secretary of discipline inspection commission Zhang Baowen, the director of enterprise training center of the school of continuing education of Tsinghua university Wang Changrong and the trainees of the first further study class attended the opening ceremony.

The opening ceremony was hosted by vice president Cheng Wu. Professor Sun Jiming gave a speech, introducing the development of Tsinghua University and its idea of serving the society and enterprises. He welcomed all the trainees to Tsinghua University.

Ma gave a mobilizing speech. He expressed gratitude to Tsinghua University for providing the first-rate training resources. He then stated the important role of building up the talented workforce for the Group, and pointed out that in order to realize the strategic goal of the 12thfive year plan of the Group, the key point is to strengthen the construction of talented workforce, especially the construction of the cadres. Ma emphasized that the 15 days’ off-job training, which was divided into 3 stages, was a landmark measure for the construction of cadres’ competitiveness taken by the Group. He asked all the trainees to recognize the significance of this training, and conform to all the training disciplines and regulations, in order to obtain actual effect.

The further study class for the Group’s cadres co-organized by Tsinghua University and China Chengtong are divided into 3 stages. The training course contains macroeconomic conditions, hotspot issue analysis, strategic management, business culture, art of leadership, which meets the need of its trainees. The trainees include principal cadres of the Group’s headquarter, leadership of subsidiary companies, the persons in charge of the Party and administration of the Group’s significant contact enterprises in 2011 and Taige Forest Paper Group, amounting all together to 127.


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