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SASAC’s Deputy Director Shao Ning Inspected Yueyang Paper

Chengtong president office     2011-04-27         

The deputy director of SASAC of the State Council Shao Ning made a special visit to Yueyang Paper Ltd. during his stay for conference in Yueyang, Hunan Province.

Accompanied by board Chairman Ma Zhengwu, Shao visited the workshop of high-end duplicating paper in Yueyang Paper in high spirits. Shao was impressed by the advanced production equipments, neatness of the working environment as well as the zest of the staff, and kept raising questions of all kinds concerning production and operating to the staff of Taige Forest Paper Group Ltd. standing around him. In the processing workshop, Shao scrupulously examined the high-end electrostatic paper that is being produced.

General manager of Taige Group Wu Jialin reported mainly about Taige’s entering China National Paper Industry Investment Corp (CNPIC) during Shao’s inspection. He presented the production equipments and pulp production of the four main bases in Yueyang, Yiyang, Huaihua and Yongzhou, as well as Taige’s focus in this year and the development plan in the next five years. Wu emphasized that the producer goods of the environment-friendly copy paper, offset paper and book paper contained 70-80% of secondary fiber, and therefore, were typical green products, which represented Taige’s concepts of resource conserving, circular economy and green producing. This together with the stable high quality of its products made Taige’s paper beloved at home and abroad.

Shao approved the basis and management of Yueyang Paper, encouraged the enterprise to carry the banner of China’s forest paper, and stated that SASAC would support the development of the enterprise.

Director of SASAC of Hunan province Mo Dewang, deputy director of SASAC of Hunan province Zhang Meicheng, officials of Yueyang municipal Party committee, relevant officials of SASAC of the State Council, National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security participated in the inspection. Group’s deputy president Xi Kaiming, Capital Operating Center chief inspector Zhu Yue, secretary of the Party committee of China Paper Group Ji Hongjun accompanied the inspection.


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