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Zhu Bixin visited Moutai Group

General Office     2020-09-16         

On September 14, China Chengtong Chairman Zhu Bixin met with Kweichou Moutai Group (Moutai Group) Chairman Gao Weidong and General Manager Li Jingren in Guizhou, southwest of China. The two sides discussed about further strengthening cooperation. Moutai Group Deputy GM Liu Daneng, and China Logistics GM Li Xiangyang attended the meeting.


Zhu Bixin presented China Chengtong’s history of development, achievements in establishing four capital operating platforms, namely, fund investment, equity operation, assets management and financial services, and development of its invested warehousing and logistics business. Zhu noted that China Chengtong and Moutai Group have already established a healthy relationship in logistics business cooperation. Zhu said that, with supporting Moutai Logistics to grow bigger and stronger as the basis, China Chengtong and Moutai Group should make full use of their respective advantages and expand their cooperation in fund investment, capital operating, financial services and SOEs’ reform to jointly contribute to Guizhou’s social economic development.

Li Jingren welcomed Zhu Bixin and spoke highly of China Chengtong’s contribution to practicing national strategies and supporting SOEs’ reform, and introduced Moutai Group’s major business sectors’ development. Li said that there is a great space for cooperation between Moutai Group and China Chengtong thanks to the two companies’ previous successful cooperation in logistics business and rich experience China Chengtong has accumulated in assets operation and integrated logistics over the years. Li hoped that in addition to their cooperation in logistics business, the two sides could explore more opportunities in fund investment, capital operation and other areas to reach win-win outcomes.


Zhu Bixin visited Moutai Logistics on the same day. He was briefed about the operation status of the company and its business plan, and visited the warehouse with a maximum 300000 tons capacity for Moutai liquor raw materials. Zhu put forward requirements to Moutai Logistics for its future development in his visit.

Head of China Chengtong’s General Office, and relevant personnel from China Logistics joined the visit.

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