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Zhu Bixin visited Digital China

General Office     2020-09-08         

On September 7, China Chengtong’s Chairman Zhu Bixin met with Digital China Group Co., Ltd. (Digital China) Chairman and President Guo Wei. The two companies exchanged views on deepening collaboration. China Chengtong’s Vice President Tong Laiming, CCT Fund Management Co., Ltd. (CCT Fund) General Manager Wei Ran, Digital China’s CFO Xin Xin, and Vice President Han Zhimin attended the meeting.


Guo Wei welcomed Zhu Bixin and made a detailed account for Digital China’s history of development, business structure and future development plan. Guo noted that Digital China has always taken the country’s ‘Digital China’ strategy its mission, and embarked on redesigning IT infrastructure, reshaping of digital core competitiveness and innovating application scenario. The company has also taken the initiative in exploring new infrastructure empowerment and industry digital transformation. Through ‘Cloud + Independent Innovation’ model, Digital China has significantly enhanced its core competitiveness. Guo hoped that Digital China could improve its cooperation with China Chengtong in fund investment, warehousing and logistics and crucial technical application to reach win-win development.

Zhu Bixin stated that Digital China undertakes the historical mission of national digital development and has accomplished significant results. Zhu introduced China Chengtong’s major business platforms including fund investment, equity operation, assets management and financial services, China Structural Reform Fund’s operation status, and operation of the Group’s warehousing and logistics business. Zhu said that China Chengtong has done massive practices in state assets and SOEs’ reform, in industrial structural reform, in strategically important emerging industries’ allocation and in business upgrading. China Chengtong will further play its role of capital operation platform and work more closely with Digital China in fund investment, scientific logistics, and information technology application and innovation industry, to contribute together to the nation’s ‘Digital China’ strategy.

Head of the Group’s General Office, relevant personnel from CCT Fund and Digital China attended the meeting.

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