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Zhu Bixin met with Huatai Securities CEO

General Office     2020-09-10         

On September 9, China Chengtong’s Chairman Zhu Bixin met with Zhou Yi, Huatai Securities Co., Ltd. (Huatai Securities) CEO at the Group’s headquarters and held in-depth discussion on improving bilateral cooperation. China Chengtong’s Vice President Tong Laiming and Huatai United Securities’ Chairman Jiang Yu attended the meeting.


Zhu Bixin welcomed Zhou Yi and stated achievements China Chengtong has attained as a state capital operating company and reform of its warehousing and logistics business. Zhu said that Huatai Securities has done tremendous exploration in serving the real economy and financial innovation. Thanks to the solid foundation for cooperation between China Chengtong and Huatai Securities, the two companies could coordinate their strengths in financial services and industrial research to jointly support their respective quality-oriented growth.


Zhou Yi stated that thanks to Huatai Securities’ strict risk management, prudent compliance operation and standardised market operation, the company is committed to providing customers with a full range of integrated financial services and has formed a whole business chain development system placing investment bank in the leading role, making brokerage and wealth management business as the foundation, and realising investment and trading business and asset management business’ balanced growth. Zhou said that Huatai Securities would make full use of its advantages in research in key industries and in financial services to enhance mutual cooperation in fund investment, equity operation and integrated logistics to achieve common development.


Head of China Chengtong’s General Office, CCT Fund, and relevant personnel from Huatai Securities attended the meeting.

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