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Li Hongfeng met with Teda Holding GM

Department of Publicity     2020-09-10         

On September 10, China Chengtong’s President Li Hongfeng met with Cao Qun, Teda Investment Holding Co., Ltd. (Teda Holding) General Manager at the Group’s headquarters and held in-depth discussion on implementing state-owned enterprises’ mixed-ownership reform and strengthening strategic cooperation. China Chengtong’s Vice President Li Yousheng, Teda Holding Deputy GM Li Weihua, Zhongju Assets’ Executive President Pang Quan attended the meeting.

Li Hongfeng welcomed Cao Qun and presented China Chengtong’s development as a state capital operating company, its orientation and major business development in detail. Li noted that China Chengtong would support local SOEs’ reform and local social economic development through varied forms like fund investment, equity operation and financial services.


Cao Qun stated Teda Holding’s resource strategy-centred four pillar business sectors and deepened SOEs’ mixed-ownership reform over the years. Cao said that China Chengtong as a state capital operating platform has played an important role in serving state capital and SOEs’ reform and he hoped to see an elevated strategic cooperation between Teda and China Chengtong to achieve win-win development.


Li Yousheng outlined the background and strategic importance for setting up the China SOEs’ mixed-ownership reform fund in the meeting. He said that China Chengtong would strengthen its all-round strategic cooperation with Teda and make full use of the mixed-ownership reform fund’s significant role.

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