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Li Hongfeng visited CICC

Department of Publicity     2020-09-09         

On September 8, China Chengtong’s President Li Hongfeng, joined by Vice President Li Yousheng, Xiang Hong, and Zhu Yue, visited China International Capital Corporation Limited (CICC) and met with CICC’s CEO Huang Zhaohui, and its Vice Chairman of Investment Banking Business Committee Bai Yingzi. The two sides held in-depth discussion on deepening strategic cooperation. CICC Capital Co-President Shan Junbao attended the meeting.


Huang Zhaohui welcomed Li Hongfeng and the delegation. He underlined CICC’s history of development, business allocation and achievements attained. Huang also shared CICC’s research on current economic situation and development trend. As Huang noted, CICC and China Chengtong shared a huge room for cooperation, he hoped China Chengtong could take advantage of its unique resources to enhance bilateral cooperation in investment and investment banking business. CICC would continue providing professional financial services to China Chengtong to help it achieve strategic goals and reach mutual benefits and win-win development.

Bai Yingzi extended her gratitude to China Chengtong. She mentioned that the two companies have maintained a friendly relationship and carried out fruitful cooperation in IPO and cornerstone investment over the years. Bai stated that CICC and China Chengtong could further expand their cooperation in investment, stocks, and investment management to jointly contribute to state capital’s high-quality development.


Li Hongfeng presented China Chengtong’s orientation, strategic plan and development of major business areas in detail. Li said that China Chengtong could learn a lot from CICC in the Group’s pilot state capital operation. The two companies should elevate their strategic cooperation level through enhanced researcher work, fund investment, and receiving and reforming former government agencies’ and SOEs’ training and convalescent facilities, to serve the national strategy, improve China Chengtong’s capital structure and realise capital and assets’ value preservation and appreciation.

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