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Zhu Bixin met with Shanxi deputy governor

Department of Publicity     2020-08-11         

On August 10, China Chengtong’s Chairman Zhu Bixin met with Lu Dongliang, Shanxi provincial government’s deputy governor at the Group’s headquarters. The two sides held in-depth discussion on further bilateral cooperation. China Chengtong’s Vice President Zhu Yue joined the meeting.


Lu Zhengliang introduced Shanxi’s social economic development and its practices in building Shanxi a Resource-based Economic Transformation and Development Demonstration Zone, a pioneer in energy revolution, and a new exemplary model for the opening up of inland areas as instructed by President Xi. Lu hoped China Chengtong to make full use of its advantages as a state capital operating company and deepen the bilateral cooperation in health industry, warehousing and logistics, SOEs’ reform and financial reform, to promote Shanxi’s quality-oriented development.


Zhu Bixin welcomed Lu and the delegation. He introduced China Chengtong’s history of development, practices in carrying out state capital operation. He also mentioned the four major platforms in China Chengtong’s capital operation and development of the Group’s warehousing and logistics, and health and elderly-care business. Zhu noted that Shanxi enjoys a constantly-improving business environment, plus a well-connected transportation network and beautiful sceneries, which all contribute to a business-friendly atmosphere for Shanxi-based companies. China Chengtong is willing to work closely with Shanxi to achieve win-win development through enhanced collaboration in state capital and SOEs’ reform, health and elderly-care industry, warehousing and logistics and fund investment.


Relevant personnel from Shanxi provincial and local governments, and heads of CMST, China Logistics, the Group’s General Office, Department of Assets Management and Department of Operation and Management attended the meeting.

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